Sno. Name Date Download
Filled Crate Conveyor for Milk packing section as per specification 04.09.2018
Construction of Powder Godown Flooring work 30/08/2018
Repairing Job & New Roof Making at R Block Booth 02-07-2015
A M C For different Miscellaneous Jobs 02-07-2015
Repairing of Surrounding Area at Panchmukhi Hanuman Mandir Booth 02-07-2015
Water Supply & Electrification job at Milk Chilling Centre , Chapra 30-06-2015
Making Barmi Compost Bed Pakka & HDPE/PVC 11-07-2015
Making Aluminium Partition Doors,Windows,Counters & False ceilings at Milk Chilling Centre , Chapra 11-07-2015
Construction , Installation & cabling of 750 KVA Transformer at CFF 05-07-2015
Making Stickers 15-07-2015
Price Chart Icecream 15-07-2015
Water Supply & Electrification work at M C C Chapra 30-06-2015
Insulation work at FBD , Patna 30-06-2015
Making of SS Tank , Laying Pipeline & Repairing jobs 30-06-2015
A M C of Miscellaneous Jobs 02-07-2015
Platform of 750 KVA Transformer 05-07-2015
Labour cost for making Control Room & Staff Room at CFF 19-07-2015
Miscellaneous Civil work at CFF ,Patna 19-07-2015
Supply & Installation of Power Distribution Panel of New Cattle Feed Plant 20-07-2015
Supply & Installation of Power Distribution Panel of Old Cattle Feed Plant 20-07-2015