Sno. Name Date Download
Material requirement (Cement, Sone sand & Stone chips) 26.08.2020
Cattle Feed Raw Material Tender on 09.09.2020 at 11:00 am 18.08.2020
Civil Construction work for New Panel Room for 1010 KVA DG set at FBD 14.08.2020
Civil Construction work of New Store Room at Chapra 30.06.2020
Descaling Work at Hajipur Chilling Centre, Hajipur 29.07.2020
Civil Construction work for rigid pavement (concrete pavement) around main entrance gate of FBD, Patna 21.07.2020
Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and commissioning of Dairy Plant Equipment and Utilities for Fully Automated Dairy Plant of capacity 4.0 LLPD at Hajipur, Vaishali Bihar on E-procurment website NIT:VPMU: ENGG:HCC: 1475 15.07.2020
Short tender notice for 100 MT WMP as per BIS Standard 13.07.2020
Cattle Feed Raw Material Tender on 27.07.2020 at 11:00 am 09.07.2020
Re-tender Civil work for drainage of liquid waste water from worker toilet septic tank outlet to existing open drain garden in west of the campus, FBD Patna 17.06.2020
Insulation work on Chilled pipeline of SS from Silo-08 to MMTs via Processing Section, FBD, patna 10.06.2020
Civil work for Construction of Bath room at Dabaich BMC, Hajipur 10.06.2020
Cattle Feed Raw Material Tender on 19.06.2020 at 11:00am 30.05.2020
Corrigendum for extension notice vide NIT no VPMU: Engg: 7491 dated 06-03-2020 14.05.2020
Corrigendum notice for Tender no. PDP:PUR:376 dated 07.05.2020 for RAW Material, CFF 13.05.2020
Cattle Feed Raw Material Tender on 15.05.2020 09.05.2020
Civil work for foundation of new 1010 KVA D.G. set at FBD, Patna 24.04.2020
Cattle Feed Raw Material Tender on 22.04.2020 18.04.2020
Civil Construction of three Dmp Pits at Fatuha, Ekangarsarai and Biharsharif Cilling Centre 21.03.2020
Civil work - Making base support for Installation of new cooling tower beside evaporated condenser, FBD Patna 21.03.2020