Sno. Name Date Download
Fabrication of a new milk reception computer cabin of size- 6.5’ x 4’ at three places (Fatuha Bulk Milk Cooler, Ekangarsarai Bulk Milk Cooler & Mudhari Bulk Milk Cooler) 21.05.2021
Inquiry for Printed sundar magic cup with dome lid 19.05.2021
Inquiry letter for Sugar M-31 grade double refined 19.05.2021
Inquiry letter for 7.5 HP/5.5 KW PBL make elevator 18.05.2021
Inquiry letter for Electrical items 18.05.2021
Civil construction work for water soakpit of 2000 lts/day at Rajapakar BMC 17.05.2021
Inquiry letter for material require for fabrication work in product/Process setion 15.05.2021
Stitching thread for stitching of BOPP bag 12.05.2021
inquiry letter for Carton as per specification 12.05.2021
Inquiry letter for Pedastal Bearing and other items 11.05.2021
Inquiry letter for Wooden sticks 11.05.2021
Inquiry letter for Mawa ka Maza kulfi box 10.05.2021
Inquiry letter for Lab items 10.05.2021
Inquiry letter for Tyre coupling complete set and other items 10.05.2021
Inquiry letter for MICC Chain for crate conveyor 10.05.2021
Inquiry letter for Automatic sanitizer dispenser machine 10.05.2021
Inquiry letter for installation of Milk Packing machine 10.05.2021
Cattle Feed Raw Material Tender on 22.05.2021 at 11:00 am 07.05.2021
Reschedule of Raw Material Purchase Tender on 22.05.2021 07.05.2021
Cattle Feed Raw Material Tender on 03.05.2021 at 11:00 am 30.04.2021