Sno. Name Date Download
Inquiry for Gasket and other items 27.05.2022
Inquiry for Transformer oil 27.05.2022
Double action foot switch duti wire 26.05.2022
Inquiry for stationary items 26.05.2022
Inquiry for double locking tanker seal 25.05.2022
Inquiry for ACB C Power 25.05.2022
Inquiry letter for Split AC 23.05.2022
Inquiry for sugar M31 grade double refined 21.05.2022
Tender Notice for Sale of Wooden packing material 19.05.2022
Inquiry for D level compressor 19.05.2022
Cattle Feed Raw material tender for Cattle Feed Plant on 14.05.2022, Jagdeo path, Patna 27.04.2022
Inquiry for disposable gloves 22.04.2022
Short tender notice for 200 MT WMP 22.04.2022
Inquiry for Sugar M-31 Grade Double refined 21.04.2022
Inquiry for Single copper wire 21.04.2022
Inquiry for Amplivita & Rose white flavour 21.04.2022
Inquiry for Amplivita & Rose white flavour
Inquiry for BOPP Tape & Cello tape 19.04.2022
Reminder for quotation Electrical items 09.04.2022
Inquiry for Hajipur Dairy Lab 09.04.2022