Sno. Name Date Download
Tender notice for cattle feed raw material on 15.07.2022 25.06.2022
Inquiry for Printing material 23.06.2022
Inquiry for Elevator Drum & Elevator belt 23.06.2022
Inquiry for Chocolate Dip 17.06.2022
Inquiry for sugar M31 grade double refined 17.06.2022
Inquiry for Liquid Dewormer 14.06.2022
Tender for scrape (guddar) items at Cattle Feed Factory 09.06.2022
Inquiry for Auto plux/Multi plux greese 09.06.2022
Scrap Tender for FBD, Phulwarisharif, CFF, Jagdeo Path and HCC, Hajipur 09.06.2022
Inquiry for Ice cream flavour 07.06.2022
Inquiry for Ice cream items 07.06.2022
Inquiry for Maida 07.06.2022
Inquiry for Liquid detergent 03.06.2022
Inquiry for Salt & Black salt 30.05.2022
Inquiry for Ice cream item (Chocolate slab) 30.05.2022
Inquiry for Molasses Pump 30.05.2022
Inquiry for Lifebuoy soap - 125 gm 28.05.2022
Inquiry for Lab. items at HCC 28.05.2022
Inquiry for HDPE Liner 28.05.2022
Demolition work in brick wall tile near two vacuum pump of 30 MTPD powder Plant at HCC 27.05.2022