Sno. Name Date Download
Inquiry for Stepper motor for High Speed vijay pack machine 21.06.2021
Inquiry for Industrial multi purpose grease and other item 19.06.2021
Inquiry or PCB for Essar make weighing machine 19.06.2021
Inquiry letter for Electrical items 17.06.2021
Spares require at Fatwah Chilling Centre 17.06.2021
Inquiry for Lactometer 16.06.2021
Inquiry for condenser Fan for 3KL BMC 16.06.2021
Inquiry for Welding cable and other items 16.06.2021
Motor for crate washer 16.06.2021
Spares for ghee packing machine, Prepac IS-I 16.06.2021
Inquiry for Lab items 16.06.2021
Inquiry letter for corn floor & coconut powder 16.06.2021
Inquiry for Matka with lid for ice cream 16.06.2021
Inquiry letter for Load cell and other items 14.06.2021
Inquiry for Distribution chain conveyor 14.06.2021
Inquiry for Distribution chain conveyor
Inquiry for Pedastal Bearing and other item 14.06.2021
Material required for making pentasulphate mixture a veterinary medicine 12.06.2021
Inquiry letter for vet medicine Appitizer & Anti Bolt 12.06.2021
Annual performance evaluation report form 11.06.2021