Sno. Name Date Download
Inquiry for Lubricant 09.06.2023
Inquiry of A.I. Sheath straw (single pack for 0.25ml French mini straw) 07.06.2023
Inquiry for Sugar M-31 grade double refined 07.06.2023
Inquiry for Comman salt iodised raw dry & fresh for Hajipur Dairy 07.06.2023
Inquiry for Printing items 06.06.2023
Inquiry for Flavour for flavour milk production 05.06.2023
Inquiry for PP Bottle and other items 02.06.2023
Work for making provision of power capacitors with controller in the old & unused sub LT panel near main LT panel and Power transformer in the CFP for improving power factor 01.06.2023
Inquiry spare parts for PP bottle & Paneer pressing machine 27.05.2023
Dear sir, Please find the attachment. Thanks Manager (MM) 26.05.2023
Inquiry for Cold room shifting material i.e Jacket, socks, gloves & other item 26.05.2023
Dear sir, Please find the attachment. Thanks Manager(MM) 26.05.2023
Inquiry for disposable face mask and other items 26.05.2023
New Internet connection at various locations at our Hajipur Dairy 22.05.2023
Inquiry for Markin cloth 20.05.2023
Inquiry for Grease and Gear oil 20.05.2023
Inquiry for Tata Salt and Maida 19.05.2023
Inquiry for Citric Acid Industrial grade 19.05.2023
Inquiry spare for Dooth peda machine 19.05.2023
Inquiry for Caustic Soda flake 19.05.2023