Sno. Name Date Download
Repairing of the wall of Admn. section at Feeder Balancing Dairy 26.06.2023
Inquiry for T.Shirt & Cap 26.06.2023
Supply and Installation CCTV camera at Cattle Feed factory, Patna 24.06.2023
Supply and Installation CCTV camera at Hajipur Dairy 24.06.2023
Inquiry for Black Salt in 500 grm pack & Common salt 1kg pack 24.06.2023
Inquiry for UPS 1000 VA Double Battery Microtech 24.06.2023
Inquiry for water purifier _RO+UV+UF 50Ltr capacity 24.06.2023
Inquiry for Electrical items 23.06.2023
Inquiry for Roller set spare parts at CFF 23.06.2023
Inquiry items for Ice Cream production 21.06.2023
Inquiry for steam gasket and other items 21.06.2023
Inquiry for Sone sand (coarse grain) 20.06.2023
Inquiry for MS Wheel for trolly pf prepac section 20.06.2023
Inquiry for Aluminium Alloy Milk can with lid 16.06.2023
Inquiry for Ice cream items 16.06.2023
Inquiry for Lubricant 09.06.2023
Inquiry of A.I. Sheath straw (single pack for 0.25ml French mini straw) 07.06.2023
Inquiry for Sugar M-31 grade double refined 07.06.2023
Inquiry for Comman salt iodised raw dry & fresh for Hajipur Dairy 07.06.2023
Inquiry for Printing items 06.06.2023