Sno. Name Date Download
Inquiry for Deep Freeze 300 Lts Glass top Blue star(Under JICA Project) 23.03.2024
Addendum in Tender notice no. 7978 dated 15.03.2024 20.03.2024
Inquiry for Electronic Micro Meter 19.03.2024
Inquiry for Aluminium Alloy Milk Can with Lid 19.03.2024
Inquiry for Electrical items for cattle feed plant 19.03.2024
Inquiry for Gear oil & synthetic Gear oil 19.03.2024
Inquiry for Liquid Hand Wash and Phenyl 18.03.2024
Tender notice for civil construction work Salt Platform with Truss Roof at Hajipur Dairy, Hajipur 16.03.2024
Cancellation of Tender notice no. 7493 dated 29.02.2024 for construction of Salt Platform with Truss Roof at Hajipur Dairy 15.03.2024
Inquiry flavour for Ice Cream/lassi/Surbhi 13.03.2024
Electrical items require for maintenance for Hajipur Dairy 13.03.2024
Inquiry Electrical spare for Elgi Compressor 13.03.2024
Inquiry for Tyre and Tube 13.03.2024
Inquiry for Binocular microscope and other items (Vet. Lab.) 09.03.2024
Inquiry for Autoclave and other items (Vet. lab) 09.03.2024
Inquiry for Bio-Chemical Analyser (Vet. Lab item) 09.03.2024
Civil construction work for Reconstruction of Floor in Paneer section area by filling it with SAND, Brick Flat soling, PCC & RCC above it as well as reconstruction of Rooms in Paneer packing area consisting of blast Room and Paneer packing room at Patna Dairy Project, Patna 01.03.2024
Civil construction work Salt Platform with Truss Roof at Hajipur Dairy, Hajipur 01.03.2024
Inquiry for VISI COOLER - 300 Ltr 28.01.2024
Inquiry for stationary items 27.02.2024