Sno. Name Date Download
Inquiry for Disosable face mask and other items 03.05.2024
Inquiry for Ice cream stabiliser ( SAMPOORNA 4603) DANICO 02.05.2024
Inquiry for Chemical (Calcium Chloride 80%) 02.05.2024
Inquiry for Fire Extinguishers 02.05.2024
Inquiry for Lassi Chiller PHE capacity(5000 LPH) under JICA 02.05.2024
Inquiry for Electrical items require for maintenance at HCC 27.04.2024
Raw material require for the production of diffrent types of Cattle Feed under JICA Project 26.04.2024
Inquiry for Digital Temp Indicator 25.04.2024
Inquiry for 1HP 3 Phase sqr cage inducton motor 25.04.2024
Inquiry for Simplex sprocket 25.04.2024
Inquiry for Pressure reducing control valve and spiral wound gasket for steam line 25.04.2024
Inquiry for lab item Straight delivery adopter 24/29 joint 24.04.2024
Inquiry for Glucose solution / jelly cube pineapple/coconut/palm kernal oil/choco dip 24.04.2024
Inquiry for caustic soda lye (NAOH Liquid) 23.04.2024
Inquiry for Ingredient (Ice cream items) 23.04.2024
Inquiry for Washing Soda (50kg bag) 23.04.2024
Inquiry for Pulley require for Motor maintenance work 18.04.2024
One Blast Cooling unit for paneer at FBD 18.04.2024
Inquiry for Caustic Soda flake & Bleaching powder 16.04.2024
Tender notice for Black Salt & Tata Salt 16.04.2024