Sno. Name Date Download
Inquiry for Nylon filter bag 26.11.2022
Cattle Feed Raw material tender for Cattle Feed Plant on 07.12.2022, Jagdeo path, Patna 23.11.2022
Inquiry spare parts of Ice cream cold room & Blast room 22.11.2022
Inquiry for White akhara Til for Tilkut production 22.11.2022
Inquiry for Dahi Incubation room at Hajipur Dairy 21.11.2022
Inquiry for Gasket & O ring 17.11.2022
Short tender notice for whole milk powder 12.11.2022
Inquiry for LED Street Light and other items 11.11.2022
Inquiry for Disposable gloves for veterinary use 11.11.2022
Inquiry for Vet medicine-Multivitamin liquid- 500ml pack 11.11.2022
Inquiry for Dismantling & Shifting of Vat FBD from HCC 08.11.2022
Tender notice for construction work cooling tower base foundation on terrace at FBD, Patna 08.11.2022
Tender for supply of liquid nitrogen 08.11.2022
Inquiry for Ear Tag 07.11.2022
Inquiry for Chelted mineral bolus vet medicine 07.11.2022
Inquiry spare parts for prepac machine at HCC 07.11.2022
Inquiry for computer items 07.11.2022
Inquiry for New year Diary 07.11.2022
Inquiry for New year items 07.11.2022
Inquiry for Exhibition stall at Sonepur Mela for 30 days 04.11.2022