Sno. Name Date Download
Inquiry for Supply, fabrication fixing & fitting of SS Bird cage on top of 40KL silo at Hajipur Dairy 03.08.2023
Inquiry for Auto Plux Grease for Cattle feed Plant 02.08.2023
Inquiry for Disposable face mask and other items 02.08.2023
Inquiry letter for Fodder Seeds for rabi season-2023-24 27.07.2023
Inquiry for Continuos stationery for computer printer 27.07.2023
Inquiry for Computer peripheral items 27.07.2023
Inquiry for Relay and other electrical items for Hajipur Dairy 27.07.2023
Inquiry for Repairing and fixing the transparent sheet at Hajipur Dairy 27.07.2023
Inquiry for Rewinding of motors 26.07.2023
Inquiry for Nitric Acid 26.07.2023
Inquiry for Glucono Delta Lactone 26.07.2023
Inquiry for Caustic soda flake rayon grade 24.07.2023
Inquiry spare parts (seal & shaft) Powder Plant Hajipur Dairy 21.07.2023
Annual rate contract for Printing items 20.07.2023
Inquiry for Solenoid valve, make SMC-24V DC 20.07.2023
Construction work of Drain line beside the store at Hajipur Dairy 20.07.2023
Construction work Providing Fencing all along the east side of the ETP of Hajipur Dairy 20.07.2023
Inquiry for Quartz Crucible 50 ML 20.07.2023
Tender for plastic table & chair 04.07.2023
Inquiry for Reveal Q+ for aflatoxin test strips 18.07.2023