Sno. Name Date Download
Inquiry spares for crate conveyor 29.10.2022
Inquiry for change over switch with box 29.10.2022
Inquiry spares parts for Friston Pump 29.10.2022
Notice for allotment of Sudha full day milk booth 28.10.2022
Cattle Feed Raw material tender for Cattle Feed Plant on 16.11.2022, Jagdeo path, Patna 21.10.2022
Civil work for making area around two soft water silos smooth at Hajipur Dairy, Hajipur 20.10.2022
Inquiry for Glucono Delta lactone 15.10.2022
Inquiry for Nozzle for Swril chamber with end plate.SDXIII 15.10.2022
Inquiry for Solenoid valve for bagging machine 15.10.2022
Inquiry for Polyacetal Chain for crate conveyer 15.10.2022
Inquiry for Lassi straw 15.10.2022
Inquiry for General Electrical items for electrical maintenance 15.10.2022
Items require for general maintenance work 15.10.2022
Inquiry for Sulphuric acid 15.10.2022
Tender for Cattle 15.10.2022
Short tender for Cattle feed material 12.10.2022
Aluminium Partition work in existing quality Incharge office for isolation at Feeder Balancing Dairy, Patna 08.10.2022
Inquiry for Brix Hydrometer 06.10.2022
Spare electrical parts for Vapper Lamp 06.10.2022
Inquiry for steam line insulation work 06.10.2022