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Fodder Development Activities

In order to improve milk production, the Union is also paying maximum attention to the management and feeding conditions of dairy animals. Our purpose is to ensure the availability of green and dry fodder throughout the year to our milk producers. For the cultivation of fodder, the Union is supplying seasonal fodder crop seeds (Legume and Non-leguminous) to its member producers at a subsidized rate. Seeds/cuttings/slives of perennial fodder crops such as hybrid Napier, drumstick, etc. are also being supplied for fodder cultivation purposes. Major Fodder Fodder Seeds supplied to milk producers are: In rabi season-Oat, Berseem, Lucerne, Chinese Cabbage, Makhan grass, Fodder beat, etc. In Kharif season-Sorghum Sudan, Bajra, Lobia (Cowpea), Maize, rice bean, etc. Perennial Fodder-Hybrid Napier, Drumstick/Moringa/Sahjan, Sorghum, Paragrass etc Azolla is also given to producer members for fodder cultivation purpose. We are also producing quality fodder seeds of oat and maize fodder crops under the seed production program. Our milk union has provided silage bale to our milk producers. We are going to start commercial silage production.

Cattle Feed

Our union has its own cattle feed plant and we produce quality compound-balanced cattle feed (high protein content) for our milk producer members at a subsidized rate.

Veterinary Feed Supplement

This includes area-specific mineral mixtures, liver tonic and calcium etc.

Veterinary Services

This includes facilities by veterinary doctor such as emergency visit services, Infertility camps, First Aid centers, Mass Vaccination programs against Foot and Mouth Disease, Vaccination against HS & BQ and other diseases, deworming etc.

Artificial Insemination

To provide a package of technical inputs to its Milk producers for the enhancement of milk production 930 cluster AI centers organised and 930 AI workers working. We are procuring quality semen of indigenous, exotic, and cross breeds for cows and buffalo, and the same is made available to our milk producer members through AI centers and AI workers. We are also providing sex-sorted semen at a subsidized rate under Govt. project.