Sno. Name Date Download
Civil work for construction of RCC Platform at Bairiya bus stand 03.08.2022
Civil construction work and false ceiling of paneer packing area at FBD 03.08.2022
Inquiry for SOKRENA (Aldehyde-free cleaning disinfectant) 30.07.2022
Inquiry for Brix Hydrometer & specific gravity Hydrometer 30.07.2022
Inquiry for carry bag (size- 10.5" x 9") 30.07.2022
Inquiry for chemical of cooling tower in refrigeration 28.07.2022
inquiry spare for can conveyor 28.07.2022
Short Tender notice for WMP & White Butter 26.07.2022
Inquiry for PLC-64 output Rack & PlC moudles 26.07.2022
Inquiry for LED Street Light 26.07.2022
inquiry for Ball Bearing 25.07.2022
Inquiry for A.I. French Mini sheath 25.07.2022
Inquiry for Printing stationary 22.07.2022
Inquiry for SMPS 22.07.2022
Inquiry for Electrical items at CFF 22.07.2022
Inquiry for Pine oil & Idophore 18.07.2022
Inquiry for Rewinding of motors 18.07.2022
Spare parts of cattle feed machine 14.07.2022
Inquiry for double action foot switch duti wire for slate conveyor 14.07.2022
Inquiry for stationary items 14.07.2022