Sno. Name Date Download
Inquiry for Distribution chain conveyor
Inquiry for Pedastal Bearing and other item 14.06.2021
Material required for making pentasulphate mixture a veterinary medicine 12.06.2021
Inquiry letter for vet medicine Appitizer & Anti Bolt 12.06.2021
Annual performance evaluation report form 11.06.2021
Inquiry for D- Level compressor 10.06.2021
Inquiry for Union SS and other items 10.06.2021
Inquiry letter for Maida & Tata salt 08.06.2021
Reminder for Electrical Items at FBD 08.06.2021
Notice for Scrap Tender at Hajipur Dairy, Hajipur 07.06.2021
Inquiry letter for Liquid Calcium 07.06.2021
Inquiry for Water pump 5 H.P. 04.06.2021
Inquiry for Die & Press roll 04.06.2021
Inquiry for Coconut oil & Palm kernel oil 04.06.2021
Fabrication work of false ceiling in laboratory at FBD 03.06.2021
Inquiry for Common salt 02.06.2021
Inquiry for Pellet Mill extra wide of HEPL make Cattle feed plant 31.05.2021
Inquiry letter for Stationary items 31.05.2021
Inquiry letter for crate conveyor set 31.05.2021
Inquiry letter for Tyre coupling complete set and other items 31.05.2021