Sno. Name Date Download
Inquiry for Disposable face masks and other items 25.02.2022
Tender Notice (NIT) No: VPMU:PUR: 6294 dated 16.02.2022 regarding floating Annual Tender of Polythene Films for Packing of Milk, Lassi, Ghee, Plastic Crates, Insulated Boxes, Eutectic Pads for Bihar, Jharkhand, Guwahati & Delhi Plant for the Year 2022-23 18.02.2022
Inquiry for Ice cream items 18.02.2022
Inquiry for Sugar M-31 grade Double refined 16.02.2022
Inquiry for Anhydrous Ammonia Gas 16.02.2022
Inquiry for Electrical items 16.02.2022
Inquiry for Cutter machine and other items 12.02.2022
Inquiry for Civil work items(sone sand, stone chips, glaze tile and cement) 12.02.2022
Inquiry for Gerber centrifugal machine 10.02.2022
Inquiry letter for Sorghum sudan and other items 10.02.2022
Inquiry for Stationary items 10.02.2022
Inquiry for paper roll for DPMCU (Thermal paper roll) 09.02.2022
Inquiry for Hose pipe and other items 09.02.2022
Inquiry for colouring agent for Ice cream 09.02.2022
Inquiry for Glucono Delta Lactone 09.02.2022
Short Tender notice for 100 MT White Butter with 82% fat 07.02.2022
Inquiry letter for Aluminium Can 04.02.2022
Inquiry letter for Deep Freeze 04.02.2022
Inquiry mobile for DG set 29.01.2022
Inquiry for BMC Exhaust fan 29.01.2022