Sno. Name Date Download
Short tender notice for Granite and Wall Tiles work at FBD 2017-04-27
Short tender notice for Civil repairing work at sadeekpur BMC Maner 2017-04-27
Providing Labour for Loading, Unloading and Miscellaneous job at Cattle Feed Factory 2017-05-04
Providing Labour at Nalanda (Biharsharif), Saran (Chapra) and Vaishali (Hajipur) 2017-05-09
Tender for Raw Material for Cattle Feed Plant 2017-05-29
Water Softner Foundation work near Ice Cram Plant FBD 2017-06-28
Ramp on Road ahead at Main gate FBD 2017-06-28
Renovation of Pavement Near Milk Dock dispatch to new Ice Cream Plant FBD 2017-06-28
Tender for Maintenance of Boiler_8574 FBD 2017-07-21
Tender for Maintenance of Steam Boiler_9270 FBD 2017-08-21
Tender for Cattle Feed Raw Material_11.08.2017 2017-07-21
Short Tender Notice for WMP & White Butter 2017-08-04
Construction of Water Pumping Room at FBD 2017-08-22
Tender Notice for WMP & Fresh White Butter 2017-09-05
Tender for Cattle Feed Raw Material_25.09.2017 2017-09-05
Tender for Old Gunny Bag 2017-09-14
VPMU: Engg: 8625 Dated 05.08.2017 Cancelled Tender 2017-09-27
NIT ARC-2017-18:3800. Dated: 03.10.2017 for packing material 2017-10-05
Tender for Cattle Feed Raw Material_31.10.2017 2017-10-10
Tender Notice for WMP - BIS Standard grade- Fresh lot 2017-10-11