Sno. Name Date Download
Inquiry letter for electrical items 27.07.2021
Inquiry for Cleaning solution 24.07.2021
Inquiry for TE-5 Expansion valve 22.07.2021
Inquiry for SKF Taper roller and other items 22.07.2021
Inquiry for Pillet mill extra wide of HEPL make Cattle Feed Plant 22.07.2021
Inquiry for contractor and other items 22.07.2021
Inquiry for Powder Plant Items 22.07.2021
Inquiry for Contractor and other items 22.07.2021
Repairing and renovation work at Cattle Feed Plant, Jagdeopath Patna 22.07.2021
Inquiry for SKF Bearings 20.07.2021
Inquiry for Manhole cover and other items 19.07.2021
inquiry for extract items 19.07.2021
Inquiry for Lab items 19.07.2021
Inquiry for Printing items 19.07.2021
Purchase of 100 MT White Butter with 82% Fat 17.07.2021
Consumable item for DG set 17.07.2021
Spares for Nichrome packaging machine at HCC 17.07.2021
Inquiry for fabrication work shifting of tank and its pipeline at FBD 14.07.2021
Inquiry letter for Erection & Fabrication work 14.07.2021
Inquiry for Diagnostic Reader suitable for testing of Aflotoxin & Antibiotic residue for Cattle feed as well as milk 13.07.2021