Sno. Name Date Download
Inquiry for fabrication work shifting of tank and its pipeline at FBD 14.07.2021
Inquiry letter for Erection & Fabrication work 14.07.2021
Inquiry for Diagnostic Reader suitable for testing of Aflotoxin & Antibiotic residue for Cattle feed as well as milk 13.07.2021
Inquiry letter for Packing material (Carton) Dahi/Surbhi/ T.Butter 13.07.2021
Inquiry for Valve for water line & NRV with counter flange 12.07.2021
Inquiry for Printed multi colour 60 ml lolly ice cream wrapper in roll 12.07.2021
Inquiry for Air Curtain 09.07.2021
Inquiry for Sone sand and other materials 08.07.2021
Inquiry for Laboratory items 08.07.2021
Inquiry letter for Centrifugal Pump Set 08.07.2021
Transportation of 200 MT WMP 08.07.2021
Inquiry for PP carry bag 26.06.2021
Inquiry for MS Flange C Class 07.07.2021
Revised Inquiry for C.B. Cartoon Rassogulla/Gulabjamun 07.07.2021
Inquiry for compressor unit - model M2Z136 - Danfoss 07.07.2021
Inquiry for C.B. Cartoon Rassogulla/Gulabjamun 06.07.2021
Inquiry for SKF Tapper roller and other items 03.07.2021
Inquiry for Glucono delta Lactone 03.07.2021
Inquiry for Electric item (Tube light) 03.07.2021
Inquiry letter for Electrical items 03.07.2021