Sno. Name Date Download
Civil work for Construction of Floor extension at BEN BMC at Biharsharif 11.11.2020
Quotation for New year Diary - 2021 04.10.2020
Quotation for New Year Greeting card and other items 04.10.2020
Fabrication work of a cubicle of size 8 x 8 for an engineering section at FBD patna 29.10.2020
Tender Notice waste jute bag 21.10.2020
Stone sand & Reinforcement bar for miscellaneous civil work at FBD 19.10.2020
Tender for Electrification work at Ostipersonia BMC 10.10.2020
Tender for Electrification work at Totha & Lalganj BMC 10.10.2020
Construction of new whole day booth near main gate of sheed veer kunwar singh azadi park, Patna 09.10.2020
Repairing of whole day milk booth at shastri golamber (160-667) at Rajendra Nagar 09.10.2020
Fabrication work of a cabin made from the combination of glass, ACP and aluminium section of size 8’x8’ beside MMT-03 at Plant, FBD patna 08.10.2020
Short Tendor notice for Can cleaning & other miscellaneous job at HCC 07.10.2020
Tender for Electrification work at BMC 24.10.2020
Cattle Feed Raw Material Tender on 14.10.2020 at 11:00 am 23.10.2020
Tender notice for Civil work of floor extension at BCC 19.09.2020
Tender for Rabbish (Jhama) for road repairing at CFF 19.09.2020
Inquiry for Continuous Stationery 70 GSM 10.09.2020
Construction of Plateform with shed for new transformer and VCB panel at FBD, Patna 08.09.2020
Transportation of 300 MT WMP 08.09.2020
Civil construction work for rigid pavement main gate at FBD, Patna 05.09.2020