Sno. Name Date Download
Inquiry for S.S. Trolly & S.S. Rack 14.06.2024
Inquiry for Comman salt iodised Raw Dry& Fresh at Hajipur dairy 15.06.2024
Requirement for laboratory tabe at Hajipur Dairy 14.06.2024
Inquiry for Cirtic Acid & Gur(Mittha) 14.06.2024
Inquiry for Colour flavour for production 14.06.2024
Repairing work of 05 nos of Khoa Kettle at FBD 14.06.2024
Inquiry Electrical Items for cattle Feed factory (PLC Command System) 14.06.2024
Inquiry for Electrical items at Cattle feed 12.06.2024
Inquiry for Glucose solution/Liquid 86% 12.06.2024
Inquiry for Tamarind flavour 12.06.2024
Inquiry for Electrical item for FBD 10.06.2024
Inquiry for offline coding machine as per annexure-01 06.06.2024
Inquiry for Straw Reaper (Bhusa maker) machine under JICA Project 06.06.2024
Tender notice for successful execution of Paneer production and packing work at VPDUSS Ltd, Patna Dairy Project, Patna 05.06.2024
Anionic Salt require for the production of Cattle Feed under JICA Project 31.05.2024
Inquiry for Tamarind Flav, vanila Flav, etc for Ice cream & lassi Prodn 31.05.2024
Inquiry for Computer Contineous Stationary Paper 30.05.2024
Inquiry for Civil material for miscellaneous work 30.05.2024
Inquiry for UPVC Pipe, Socket, Bend etc for maintenance work 30.05.2024
Inquiry for Two Headed TTO based inline coding machine 29.05.2024