Sno. Name Date Download
Inquiry for S S Pipe and other items 10.10.2023
Inquiry for Electrical Items for Electrical maintenance 10.10.2023
Inquiry for Thermal paper roll 07.10.2023
Inquiry Nozzle swiral chamber for Powder Plant Hajipur 07.10.2023
Inquiry for Laptop,Tablet and computer items 07.10.2023
Tender notice for Breakfast & Lunch for AGM-2023-24 05.10.2023
Tender notice for "Making Pandal AGM-2023-24 05.10.2023
Inquiry for Butter Colour 04.10.2023
Inquiry for Printing items office use 04.10.2023
Inquiry for Electrical Items _ MCB 03.10.2023
Inquiry for GEMS(1 kg pack) & GUR fine quality 03.10.2023
Inquity for cable, MCB & Street light 03.10.2023
Inquiry for Civil work material 03.10.2023
Inquiry for Calcium chloride 80% 25.09.2023
Cancellation of Tender Notice VP:PUR:2831 dated 05.08.2023 25.09.2023
Tender Notice for Labour supply (Loading/Unloading/Mixed work) at Cattle Feed Factory, Jagdeo path, Patna 25.09.2023
Inquiry for vet. medicine (calcium Gel 300 gm Pack/Bottle) 22.09.2023
Inquiry for Common salt iodised raw dry & fresh at CFF 19.09.2023
Inquiry for nylon gloves & Acid handling gloves 19.09.023
Inquiry for Product Brocher for promotional items 19.09.2023