Sno. Name Date Download
Inquiry for Cement in 50 kg bag 12.05.2023
Inquiry for PVC Flush door supply & fittings 12.05.2023
Inquiry for Sone sand & stone chips 11.05.2023
Inquiry for refilling of fire extinguisher 11.05.2023
Inquiry fr strawberry Flavour no.1 11.05.2023
Work for Creation of LASSI Preparation section in 1.0LLPD Old dairy Plant at Hajipur 09.05.2023
Inquiry spare for Pellet mills 06.05.2023
Inquiry for sugar M31 grade double refined 02.05.2023
Inquiry for Teflon Wheel 29.04.2023
Tender for Scrap Items at Feeder Balancing Dairy, Phulwarisharif, Patna 27.04.2023
Inquiry for Maintenance of PLC panel in new plant CFF 27.04.2023
Inquiry for Belt Fastner 5/16" x 1.5" for bucket jointing elevator belt 27.04.2023
Inquiry for Vet medicine Amitraj 12.5% 27.04.2023
Inquiry for Ice cream flavour 25.04.2023
Inquiry for Sone sand & Chips 21.04.2023
Inquiry for portable welding machine cable 17.04.2023
Inquiry for Industrial Multi purpose grease & Cutting Disc - 4" 13.04.2023
Inquiry for Chocodip & Glucose solution liquid 13.04.2023
Inquiry for Channel plate for 20 KL pasteuriser (Water Heater) 13.04.2023
Work for Repairing of damaged SS main Gate of Patna Dairy 08.04.2023