Sno. Name Date Download
Construction work of Drain line beside the store at Hajipur Dairy 20.07.2023
Construction work Providing Fencing all along the east side of the ETP of Hajipur Dairy 20.07.2023
Inquiry for Quartz Crucible 50 ML 20.07.2023
Tender for plastic table & chair 04.07.2023
Inquiry for Reveal Q+ for aflatoxin test strips 18.07.2023
Inquiry for Tyre, Tube & Rim for Tricycle (FOW) of Ice cream 18.07.2023
Inquiry Tools for general maintenance work 14.07.2023
Inquiry Flavour for milk products 14.07.2023
Short Tender Notice for Cattle Feed Raw material for Cattle feed Factory, patna 12.07.2023
Inquiry for Vaccum clean for Candy machine 12.07.2023
Inqauiry for Channel Plate and other items for Paneer PHE machine 12.07.2023
Inquiry spare parts of PP Bottle machine 10.07.2023
Inquiry spare parts flavour milk report machine 10.07.2023
Inquiry for single phase induction motor(Foot Mounted) 10.07.2023
Inquiry for Common Salt (Iodised Raw Dry & Fresh) for FBD & CFF 08.07.2023
Scrap Tender for Feeder Balancing Dairy and Cattle feed factory, Patna 07.07.2023
Inquiry for Ball Bearing SKF make require for plant maintenance 06.07.2023
Inquiry for 180 sets vetenary First Aid Kit (VBox and other medicine) 06.07.2023
Inquiry for Stationary for offce use 06.07.2023
Inquiry for Cleaing Brush and other items 04.07.2023