Sno. Name Date Download
Inquiry for electrical item (Aluminium armored cable) 22.01.2022
Inquiry for ETP Plant 22.01.2022
Inquiry for Electrical items 22.01.2022
Inquiry for G.I. Pipe and other items 22.01.2022
Extra / additional civil repairing & renovation work at CFP 21.01.2022
Inquiry for Lubricant oil 21.01.2022
Inquiry for caustic soda and other items 21.01.2022
Inquiry letter for Printing items 12.01.2022
Inquiry letter for G.I. Pipe & Bend 10.01.2022
Inquiry for Electrical (contractor) and items 06.01.2022
Inquiry for Duster 06.01.2022
Inquiry for Hardware item 06.01.2022
Inquiry for Coarse sand (Sone sand) 05.01.2022
Inquiry for GDL 05.01.2022
Inquiry for electrical items (Thimble) 05.01.2022
Inquiry for Printing documents 05.01.2022
Inquiry for Roller Bearing for Cattle Feed Plant 01.01.2022
Inquiry for MS Chain and other items at CFF 01.01.2022
Repairing of Durashine shee of Powder plant at Hajipur Dairy 23.12.2021
Inquiry for MS Plate & Angle 23.12.2021