Sno. Name Date Download
Inquiry for Rewinding of Motors at FBD,CFF & Hajipur Dairy 21.08.2023
Inquiry for Air Break Switch and other items 18.08.2023
Inquiry for Coconut Powder & Corn flour 18.08.2023
Inquiry spare parts for Drying unit of powder plant at FBD 18.08.2023
Inquiry spare parts for Fristam Pump of powder plant at Hajipur 18.08.2023
Inquiry for Crate Trolly for prepac section 17.08.2023
Inquiry spare parts for Powder Plant Cooling Tower at Hajipur Dairy 17.08.2023
Inquiry for Electrical items for FBD 17.08.2023
Inquiry for Ball Bearing for Hajipur Dairy 17.08.2023
Inquiry for Duplex Chain- 01" pitch & Chain link- 01" pitch 11.08.2023
Inquiry for Solonoid Valve, single active 24V DC 11.08.2023
Inquiry for Chocolate dip,choco chips & coconut powder for Ice cream production 09.08.2023
Inquiry for Annatto Butter Color 09.08.2023
Inquiry for Stitching thread for Powder bag, Hajipur Dairy 09.08.2023
Dear sir, Please find the attachment. Thank you Manager (MM) 08.08.2023
Inquiry for Tool box, safety Belt, safety Helamt, welding gloves & safety goggles for Hajipur dairy 08.08.2023
Inquiry for MS square Pipe and other items for New shed work at FBD 08.08.2023
Inquiry Tools for general maintenance work 07.08.2023
Tender Notice for Labour supply (Loading/Unloading/Mixed work) at Cattle Feed Factory, Jagdeo path, Patna 07.08.2023
Inquiry spare parts flavour milk report machine 05.08.2023