Sno. Name Date Download
Inquiry for Electrical item (MCCB) 03.09.2021
Inquiry for Calcium chloride fused- Industrial grade 03.09.2021
Inquiry for Citric acid in 25 kg pack 02.09.2021
Inquiry for Roller Bearing 31.08.2021
Tender for 200 MT WMP as per BIS Standard grade and 100 MT White White Butter with 82% Fat 31.08.2021
Inquiry for Boiler/Pressure vessel testing 28.08.2021
Inquiry for Milko Screen spares 28.08.2021
Inquiry for Installation of Surbhi Vat & Surbhi cup filling machine at FBD 27.08.2021
Inquiry for Smart station 27.08.2021
Expansion valve and other items 23.08.2021
Spare for Air compressor and Car washer 21.08.2021
Inquiry for Tie rod with bearing for plate heat exchanger 21.08.2021
nquiry for Water heater 19.08.2021
Inquiry spare parts for KC-4 compressor, kirloskar make 19.08.2021
Tender for scrape material at Feeder Balancing Dairy, Phulwarisharif, Patna 19.08.2021
Inquiry for Anhydrous Ammonia Gas 19.08.2021
Inquiry for Oat & Barseem seed 18.08.2021
Inquiry for spare for turbo Blender 18.08.2021
Inquiry for computer items (Laser Printer & Scanner) 16.08.2021
Inquiry for Tube type IML pack with lid 16.08.2021