Sno. Name Date Download
Inquiry for spares Parts for Lassi Machine 10.04.2021
Inquiry for Stationary items 10.04.2021
Inquiry for Rice Bran oil for our Cattle Feed Factory, Patna 10.04.2021
Inquiry for chemical 10.04.2021
Inquiry for A.I. French Mini Sheath 10.04.2021
Inquiry for spares parts for BMC 10.04.2021
Inquiry for spares for stablizer 10.04.2021
Inquiry for stabilizer Flavor milk 10.04.2021
Requirement for refrigeration unit of 3 TR capacity for dahi cold room at FBD, patna 09.04.2021
Inquiry for spares automatic Candy line machine CATTA make at FBD 08.04.2021
Inquiry for Calcium lactate and other items 07.04.2021
Inquiry for Laptop i5 of 10th Gen. 07.04.2021
Inquiry for Up Gradation of Desktop System confg and 4 GB RAM 07.04.2021
Inquiry for Carton Boxes as per ARC 06.04.2021
Rate contract for maintenance of our Packing machines at FBD 06.04.2021
Tender for providing labour for loading, unloading and miscellaneous job at Cattle Feed Factory, Jagdeopath, Patna 25.03.2021
Rate contract for maintenance of our Packing machines at FBD 12.03.2021
Cattle Feed Raw Material Tender on 24.03.2021 at 11:00 am 06.03.2021
Reschedule of Raw Material Purchase Tender 06.03.2021
Civil work (Repairing work) of Whole day Milk Booth (Code no. 160626) at Patna Zoo 05.03.2021