Sno. Name Date Download
Short Tender notice for WMP 14.03.2022
Inquiry letter for Aluminium Can with lid 14.03.2022
Inquiry for Computer & computer items 12.03.2022
Inquiry for equipment for Hajipur Dairy Lab 12.03.2022
Inquiry for Packing material C.B. Carton 11.03.2022
Inquiry for Digital temp. indicator 11.03.2022
Inquiry for coconut oil & palm kernel oil 11.03.2022
Inquiry for packing material for Ice cream 11.03.2022
Items required for Microbiology Lab at Hajipur Dairy 07.03.2022
Items require for Paneer Vat and fabrication work for whey line fitting 07.03.2022
Cattle Feed Raw material tender for Cattle Feed Plant on 26.03.2022, Jagdeo path, Patna 05.03.2022
Inquiry for Duplex M.S. Sproket 04.03.2022
Inquiry wooden stick for tik tok 04.03.2022
Inquiry Lid for Mini Gold cone 04.03.2022
Inquiry Electrical item for Taraiya BMC stablizer 04.03.2022
Inquiry for Liquid Calcium 5 Ltr jar 04.03.2022
Inquiry for continuous stationary 03.03.2022
Inquiry for Hot Air oven and other items 03.03.2022
Inquiry for Chocolate dip 02.03.2022
Inquiry for Nitric Acid 25.02.2022