Sno. Name Date Download
Tender for Supply, Installation & commissioning of milk packing machine & Crate washer through NIT:VPMU: ENGG:7491 16.03.2020
Cattle Feed Raw Material Tender on 01.04.2020 13.03.2020
Notice for arrangement of Break fast & Lunch for AGM-2020 25.02.2020
Notice for Water Proof Pandal for AGM-2020 25.02.2020
Tender for DPMCU & Analyser 24.02.2020
Tender for Metalized vaccum packing pouch 24.02.2020
Foundation for Cooling Tower on the roof of Ice cream Plant, FBD, Patna 20.02.2020
Cattle Feed Raw Material Tender on 28.02.2020 11.02.2020
Tender notice for Milk Booth repairing at Auto Stand, Kankarbagh, Patna 07.02.2020
Tender for Milk Packing machine & Crate washer 29.01.2020
Tender for Fodder Seed for Kharif Season 2020 15.01.2020
Tender Notice CFP Raw Material 08-01-2020
100 MT WMP as per BIS Standard Grade 03-01-2020
Tender for Agenda Book & Annual Report Book 24.12.2019
Cattle Feed Raw Material Tender on 27.12.2019 10.12.2019
Tender for Disposal of old jute bag, HDPE bag 06.12.2019
Civil construction work for New paneer Plant, FBD patna 29.11.2019
Cattle Feed Raw Material Tender on 22.11.2019 28.10.2019
Supply ,installation & Commissioning & incorporating with existing refrigeration plant at FBD, Patna , under VPMU A) LP receiver with LP pump – 01 set B) PHE condenser of capacity 300 TR with 300 TR cooling tower - 01 set 26.10.2019