Sno. Name Date Download
Inquiry for Printing documents 05.01.2022
Inquiry for Roller Bearing for Cattle Feed Plant 01.01.2022
Inquiry for MS Chain and other items at CFF 01.01.2022
Repairing of Durashine shee of Powder plant at Hajipur Dairy 23.12.2021
Inquiry for MS Plate & Angle 23.12.2021
Inquiry for Electric water heater 23.12.2021
Inquiry for disposible mask and other items 20.12.2021
Inquiry spare parts of Rotary cup dahi machine, Matka filling machine & Lassi packing machine 15.12.2021
Inquiry for PBL make gear motor 15.12.2021
Inquiry for Flexible wire and other items 14.12.2021
Inquiry for A.I. Kit 14.12.2021
Inquiry for Hydro (Sodium Dithionite) 14.12.2021
Inquiry for PP carry bag 13.12.2021
Inquiry for Ice cream items 09.12.2021
Inquiry for Annatto Butter colour 07.12.2021
Enquiry for Ceramic Matka 07.12.2021
Cattle Feed Raw material tender for Cattle Feed Plant on 29.12.2021, Jagdeo path, Patna 07.12.2021
Inquiry for Citric Acid - Industrial grade 06.12.2021
Inquiry for Vegetable Parchment paper 06.12.2021
Inquiry for Idophore and other items 6.12.2021