Sno. Name Date Download
Inquiry for Wooden spoon & Stick 14.07.2022
Inquiry for printing material 14.07.2022
Inquiry for Ice cream cone with wrapper 14.07.2022
Dear sir, Please find the attachment. Thanks Manager (MM) Attachments area 14.07.2022
Inquiry for corn flour 14.07.2022
Inquiry for Cement (Utra tech Brand) 11.07.2022
Inquiry letter for Rate contract Supply of DPMCU 09.07.2022
Inquiry spare for cattle feed maintenance 04.07.2022
Inquiry for MS Patti & Angle 29.06.2022
Inquiry for Apron, face mask & disposable cap 29.06.2022
Inquiry for Deep Freezer on wheels 28.06.2022
Inquiry for Butter colour 28.06.2022
Inquiry for Tricycle (110/120 Lts -FOW) 28.06.2022
Inquiry for submersible pump 28.06.2022
NIT No: VPMU: Engg: Hajipur: 1474 for Supply, Installation & commissioning of Double Head Packing Machine and Passenger Lift/Elevator 27.06.2022
Tender notice for cattle feed raw material on 15.07.2022 25.06.2022
Inquiry for Printing material 23.06.2022
Inquiry for Elevator Drum & Elevator belt 23.06.2022
Inquiry for Chocolate Dip 17.06.2022
Inquiry for sugar M31 grade double refined 17.06.2022