Sno. Name Date Download
Tender Notice for Labour supply (Loading/Unloading/Mixed work) at Cattle Feed Factory, Jagdeo path, Patna 25.09.2023
Inquiry for vet. medicine (calcium Gel 300 gm Pack/Bottle) 22.09.2023
Inquiry for Common salt iodised raw dry & fresh at CFF 19.09.2023
Inquiry for nylon gloves & Acid handling gloves 19.09.023
Inquiry for Product Brocher for promotional items 19.09.2023
Inquiry Spare parts for Lassi PHE machine 19.09.2023
Inquiry for SS Spray Ball of Tanker 19.09.2023
Inquiry for Caustic Soda and other items 16.09.2023
Inquiry items require for Ice cream production 15.09.2023
Inquiry for Ball Pen and other items 15.09.2023
Inquiry Nozzle swiral chamber for Powder Plant Hajipur 15.09.2023
Inquiry spare for Powder Plant Hajipur 15.09.2023
Inquiry for Round batched of Dia 17 cm two colour 13.09.2023
Inquiry for Agenda Book & Annual report Book for AGM 13.09.2023
Inquiry for Unirex N2 Grease for Hajipur Dairy 13.09.2023
Inquiry for spare parts of Wrapping machine and falvour Milk Retort machine 13.09.2023
Inquiry Items for Ice Cream Production 12.09.2023
Inquiry for P.P. Fabric (HPDE) bag for packing of oat seed 11.09.2023
Tender for Scrap jute bag, HDPE Bag & BOPP bag 03.09.2023
Inquiry for Civil construction work of BMC Foundation and Platform for Compressor unit at Katesar BMC unit, Chapra 03.09.2023